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Welcome to VX

VX is a bespoke Design, Development and Project Management company specialising in Turn-Key development solutions and Value Enhancement work. At VX we seek to create beautiful, elegant architecture whilst maximising returns on Investment for global property developers.


The founders of VX bring with them a wealth of successful project completion experience, predominantly during their tenure at the largest developer in the region. They helped deliver some of the country’s most notable and successful projects, recognised and appreciated on a global scale.


The wider VX team bring with them developer and consultancy experience across all typologies in order to achieve financial and design excellence for every project.


VX currently manages a portfolio of over $3 Billion and continues to assist a number of high profile Real Estate Developers in the region to deliver the most successful and profitable developments.

VX works in a number of exciting construction sectors across the GCC and beyond

Our professionals are experts in their field and deliver world class architecture and engineering solutions to our esteemed clients.

Our specialist typologies are listed below but not limited to the following:


VX has significant and comprehensive experience planning large mixed-use communities across the GCC. We carefully study each site and ensure that the area requirements of the client are expertly met whilst creating a beautiful architectural and landscape design solution. VX ensures that the residential views are maximised and preserved in order to capture the highest sales yield and the other uses are woven together in order to create cohesiveness, human scale and ultimately, innovative urban environments.


VX has an outstanding portfolio of hospitality development and is currently working on some of the most exciting and high profile hotel projects in Dubai. We have significant experience in hotel planning and delivery, working with some of the most respected global hotel operators and world class developers. Our focus is too ensure that the hotel operates to the highest global standards whilst being designed beautifully and elegantly. VX continues to build upon our collective expertise in this sector with the ambition to be the best hospitality architect in the world.


VX has an excellent record of Retail & Mixed Use Development with many projects being designed or currently under construction. We are working on some of the most prestigious retail projects in Dubai and continue to reinforce our relationship with the biggest developers in the region. We have assisted clients with updating and re-branding their current retail developments to enhance customer experience and improve overall mall performance. At VX we continue to observe global retail trends to ensure that our designs are relevant to technological advancements and general retail consumer dynamics.


VX has a strong portfolio of ongoing and completed high-rise residential projects in very prestigious areas of Dubai and beyond. VX go the extra length to ensure that each tower is designed to maximise premium views, avoid overlooking and provides maximum efficiency. This drive for a comprehensive and feasible design proposal also coincides with great care and attention to the architectural design of the massing and facade. VX produce the most exquisite and beautiful soaring structures which both the residents and onlookers can enjoy.


VX prides itself on its residential mid/low rise sector and has a wealth of projects either under design development or currently under construction, or already completed. Our focus of efficient layouts and maximising view potential ensures each project we work on meets developer return expectations and is architecturally outstanding. We also pay particular attention to the detail and buildability of our projects to ensure that the final product matches client approved designs from the concept stage and beyond.


VX has strong experience in delivering world class facade updates and redesigns. We have developed very simple, cost effective and beautiful proposals under very difficult existing site conditions at no additional cost or delay to the project. We have enhanced the overall perception and image of these buildings in order to bring them up to an international standard of design. VX continue to work beside extremely sophisticated clients to develop and enhance existing design proposals to not only improve the external aesthetics, but also to increase building efficiency and view maximisation (for residential projects). At VX we strive for excellence and meaningful value-added design.


Our Ethos

VX approaches projects in a unique way other than how is stereotypical in the consultant market. Our collective background of developers and design consultants ensures that our projects meet client feasibility expectations which are both aesthetically beautiful and profit generating.


VX analyses the current market performance of each individual project to understand its potential commercial success. Our site supervision and project management professionals also assess the deliverability of the design. Our multi-disciplinary approach ensures that appropriate, and yet creative design is implemented at early stages so that abortive work is minimised. This enables projects to run efficiently and delivered in a timely manner.


Our use of the latest software technology improves project work-flow and ultimately enhances our client interaction experience. VR technology is now implemented on all new design projects so that clients have a realistic sense of space and scale within and beyond their building.